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Web Design & Development

I build responsive websites and web apps. I have a wealth of experience building websites for small businesses, working in companies on agile teams to deliver new features for web apps & full sites, and programming in various environments and languages. I love to be creative and work on my own and I also love to collaborate, first and foremost it's about problem solving. I believe in building things in a way that makes sense, for users and for the web.

When I work I aim to make ideas come to life. I can handle graphics, programming and coding but equally like to be a part of any conversation throughout the development life cycle to ensure that by the time its ready to put my headphones in and my head down - the most thought out iteration is being delivered.

Website Optimisation

When you build something for the web, you need a way for that thing to be found. I rarely build a website and wipe my hands clean. I will always offer the client my advice and hand in getting your website found by the people you want, and for the keywords you want. This process is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and has grown and changed over the years as the web evolves. The web is different to sole Software Development and the conversions count on you being a part of its ever changing eco system in the most optimal way.

There are a number of sides to this and it all depends on your website, your product and your needs. When starting from scratch I always bring this into the conversation and incorporate the extra bandwith to account for this work. I have a wealth of experience optimising sites and can advise and help through optimising an existing website.

Consultancy & Ad Hoc Development

As a qualified Software Developer and Media Specialist, I have studied and worked in many areas of this vast ever changing eco-system. If you seek someone on your team to help project manage or if you seek someone to do some ad hoc programming, bug fixing, maintenance or to join your team for a totally new position I would relish the opportunity to help. I am always learning, and I am always open to trying my hand at problems wether I have solved them before or am throwing myself in at the deep end.

At the end of the day, I am here to help, master my craft, grow my art, learn and to solve problems. So feel free to get in touch and let's have a chat to see what I can do for you.


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