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I'm a Frontend Web Developer.

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Hey, thanks for visiting! I am Ross and I currently work as a Software Engineer at WP Engine. I built this website using Gatsby - an open source React based framework for building static websites.

With over 6 years experience writing code in various languages (HTML & CSS, PHP, JavaScript, C#..) new code excites me and I tend to get my teeth sunk in easily, adapting to whatever the problem requires. With that in mind please feel free to have a look at some of my projects below and on GitHub where you can see the types of things I am experimenting with right now, the types of websites I have built in the past, and what projects I am working on in my part-time Software Development HDip at Dublin Business School.

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Family Protection Planner

Insurance Quote Tool created for Irish Life.

This is a JQuery app packaged into a Drupal plugin for integration with a Drupal website. The tool was designed by a UX Designer at the company and it was my job to build out the UI and hook the user input up to an internal quote engine which handled the calculations presented back to the user.

PHP | JavaScript

Cunninghams Bar Website

Brochure website for Cunninghams Bar, Kildare town.

This is one of my favourite sites to showcase out of the many I have built, as it didn't involve just picking a theme out of the box and catering for a few standard pages. Instead, I worked with a friend of mine who is a digital marketing expert on branding Cunninghams complete online presence, applying it to a new website and subsequently increasing visits and booking via ad campaigns and social media marketing.

WordPress | JavaScript

Success Stories Hub

Micro site with interactive UI for Facebook.

This is a page I built within the Facebook Business website which uses a dynamic grid module to display cards which then link to individual pages created on the same platform. I used an internal framework written in XHP & JavaScript which exposed modules I could use within the CMS platform, which uses custom XML tags to code web pages.


Find My Photo

Photography Tool for Photo Experience Ireland.

This is a JavaScript app packaged as a WordPress plugin which was needed for Photo Experience Ireland's events where they wanted the customers to be able to go to the app and download their photo once it was taken directly to their device to save on printing costs.

PHP | JavaScript


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